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Unlock your inner cyber sleuth 🔍

KC7 is a new way to learn cybersecurity that’s hands-on, fun, and engaging.
With KC7, you’ll learn key cybersecurity skills while getting practical experience that feels just like the real job. Perfect for beginners and puzzle enthusiasts alike, KC7 demystifies data analysis and cybersecurity principles, making them accessible and exciting for everyone – no technical background required!

Analyze intrusions

We'll walk you through multiple end-to-end hacks so you can see what it's really like.

Track threat actors

Learn how to connect disparate indicators of compromise to build a profile of the responsible threat actors.

Anyone can play

We've played KC7 with audiences ranging from middle school students to fortune 100 executives.

It's so much fun!

It's a game after all. We've designed our intrusions to be addictive. So you'll get lost chasing after signs of compromise.

Play your way into a career in cyber defense

Most cybersecurity training are focused on hacking. We'll show how fun it is to catch the bad guys instead.

The skills you will build are readily applicable to blue team cyber jobs such as...

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Recommended by cybersecurity experts and students alike

We work on KC7 because people love it ❤️

"Very interactive. I appreciated that we weren't working in a simulated environment. The guide was very efficient, the concept was well thought, the execution...was amazing. Loved it. Thank you so much!!"

- Student

"KC7 was part of my interview discussions, highlighting the team events and getting experience with ADX and KQL. Thank you to the KC7 team. You've been a huge part of my journey..."

- Transitioning Professional

"Y'all, go check out this awesome project! I was blown away by what a realistic data set KC7 has. "

- Katie NickelsDirector of threat Intelligence

"What you guys are doing with KC7 is far more than anything I could ask for! It blows my mind that you guys are offering KC7 for free when other sites are charging hundreds of dollars for training."

- High school student

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