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Transform into a digital detective, sift through data, and unravel mysteries.
The new way of learning cybersecurity.


Let us show you what cybersecurity is actually about

We wanted to share our love ❤️ for cybersecurity, so we built a game that throws you right into the action.

The secret? We train your brain through practice

By playing through dozens of realistic cybersecurity intrusions you will progressively learn how to spot traces of malicious activity. As you play you will rewire your brain to ask better questions, and know where to look next.

The skills you will build are readily applicable to defensive cybersecurity jobs such as security operations, and incident response.

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Recommended by cybersecurity experts and students alike

We work on KC7 because people love it ❤️

"Very interactive. I appreciated that we weren't working in a simulated environment. The guide was very efficient, the concept was well thought, the execution...was amazing. Loved it. Thank you so much!!"

- Student

"KC7 was part of my interview discussions, highlighting the team events and getting experience with ADX and KQL. Thank you to the KC7 team. You've been a huge part of my journey..."

- Transitioning Professional

"Y'all, go check out this awesome project! I was blown away by what a realistic data set KC7 has. "

- Katie NickelsDirector of threat Intelligence

"What you guys are doing with KC7 is far more than anything I could ask for! It blows my mind that you guys are offering KC7 for free when other sites are charging hundreds of dollars for training."

- High school student
For teachers

Transform the way you teach cybersecurity

"This platform took everything I had been trying to teach throughout the year and turned it into a game that hooked my students in a matter of minutes" - High School Teacher

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Hands on learning

Students work through real-world scenarios to track threat actors, offering practical experience in data analysis and cybersecurity.

Easy to Integrate

KC7 can supplement STEAM curriculum and is suitable for computer science, mathematics, and technology classes.

Lots of Support

Our platform provides comprehensive training guides and support materials to help educators get started quickly and effectively.

Interactive and Fun

KC7 transforms learning into a game, keeping students engaged and motivated.

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