Introducing: KC7 Learning Modules

πŸ“– We’re thrilled to announce the latest addition to our KC7 trainings: Learning Modules!

Learning Modules are an expansion of KC7’s offerings, providing curated, industry-developed content designed to equip you with the skills needed for success in your cybersecurity journey. Our dedicated team showcases guides covering a wide array of topics, ranging from beginner to advanced difficulty, to help you build a comprehensive arsenal of tools, knowledge, and investigative techniques for your current or future cybersecurity career.

Though we currently have a few modules available, we have plans to rapidly expand our library to cover an extensive range of topics, including:

  • Back to the Basics – Foundational building blocks to help you get started in cybersecurity.
  • Data Enrichment – Techniques for improving your understanding of threats by enriching your data through industry-standard data sources. These modules will also cover using programming languages like Python to automate and develop tools for data investigation at scale.
  • Digital Forensics – Deep dive into data to forensically identify threat actor activity, including evidence of execution, lateral movement, and more. Learn how to develop forensically sound methods for investigating cyber threats.
  • Incident Response – Acquire the skills needed to effectively respond to computer intrusions, including investigating the different phases of the attack lifecycle and cyber kill chain.
  • Threat Intelligence – Develop threat actor attribution and investigate the humans behind the threats. Combine knowledge from various areas of cybersecurity to form assessments of clustered threat actor activity. …and more!

KC7 is committed to providing everybody with directly applicable knowledge to the field, just like our game modules. We will continue this mission by incorporating learning modules that require students to follow along in their own environments, enabling hands-on keyboard experience and establishing a solid foundational starting point.